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Royal blue and White football scarf

232 Hertha BSC Piosenki & amp; Piłka nożna Chants

The blue and whites of West Berlin since 1892

606 In Your Pants Great Hertha song for promotion! Listy odtwarzania
838 Never Again 2nd Division Never Again in this division! Listy odtwarzania
2033 If Hertha's Playing There's One Aim Top Hertha ringtone for your mobile Listy odtwarzania
2053 AO E Hertha BSC Simple one Listy odtwarzania
2206 Hertha! Classic fanchant of Hertha Listy odtwarzania
2328 Everyone's Waiting Love this one - Hertha's main anthem Listy odtwarzania
2486 Hertha, Hertha, Hertha BSC You tell em! Listy odtwarzania
2600 Shalala Hertha BSC A classic when it comes to football songs! Listy odtwarzania
3797 We Are in the Promotion Column Hertha are back! Listy odtwarzania
4756 The BSC Is Here Again Another great sound - "here" is referring to the 1st division after promotion Listy odtwarzania
  Premier League Betting
4758 We Get the Championship A chant from the time when Hertha nearly won the championship... Listy odtwarzania
5641 Pantelic That was our Pantelic Listy odtwarzania
5750 In Berlin by the River Spree There's ONLY Hertha BSC... Listy odtwarzania
6115 We Want to See Hertha Win Sing! Listy odtwarzania
6215 Come on Hertha Fight and Win Come on... Listy odtwarzania
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Pal Dardai ohoho, Pal Dardai ohoho ..... Hertha BSC Nd 24 Sty '16  · Re: Pal Dardai  ·  Flaga  ·  Odpowiedz
Jeder der hier spielt, der hat es schnell erkannt.
Ja, ihr werdet seh'n wir spiel'n euch an die Wand!
Wenn unser Lied erklingt, unsre Fahnen weh'n,
werden wir Hertha wieder siegen seh'n.

Schalalallala,.. Hertha BSC Nd 24 Sty '16  · Re: Shalala (Clap) Hertha BSC  ·  Flaga  ·  Odpowiedz

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